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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Maine Withdraws from Federal Refugee Resettlement Program Four Days Before Election

Maine is withdrawing from the federal refugee resettlement program just four days before Election Day, WMTW in Portlandreports.

“I have lost confidence in the federal government’s ability to safely and responsibly run the refugee program and no longer want the State of Maine associated with that shortcoming,” Gov. Paul LePage said in a letter sent to President Obama and released by his office late Friday.

“The federal government has proven to be an unwilling partner with states in ensuring that refugee resettlement does not unduly put American lives at risk,” Le Page added in the letter.

“I sincerely hope that the federal government will re-evaluate its current refugee policy — both the quantity and nation of origin of refugees it resettles and the vetting process they are subjected to — in order to best protect the safety and interests of the American people,” LePage wrote.


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Anonymous said...

Yet Maine voted for Clinton... sheesh!