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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Defense contractors see optimism return, buoyed by Trump win

Defense contractors in Maryland are optimistic that a long spell of tightened federal budgets that winnowed their bottom lines is nearing an end — a hope that some executives say has been boosted by the election of Donald Trump.

Trump promised during the campaign to increase defense spending, increase the number of soldiers in the Army, build new ships for the Navy and buy new jets for the Air Force.

If he follows through, that's likely to mean more money for contractors.

Officials and business owners also hope that having a single party — in this case, the Republicans — in control of both the White House and Congress will put an end to the fiscal brinkmanship of the last six years, restore orderly federal budgeting and allow the military to plan for the long term, rather than relying on a succession of short-term spending bills.


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