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Saturday, March 12, 2016

'Danger to herself': What cop thought of Ted Cruz's wife when he found her sitting on an expressway with her head in her hands 10 years ago

A police report has revealed that cops once found the wife of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz with her head in hands beside a Texas expressway and was 'a danger to herself'.

According to the 2005 report which highlighted in June, Heidi Cruz, 43, had walked from her home after dinner on August 22.She then sat down beside N. Mopac and Enfield in Austin, at around 10pm.

While Mrs Cruz has not spoken out publicly about the incident, an adviser to her senator husband said she had experienced 'a brief bout of depression' ten years ago in response to questions about the police report.

A concerned passerby had made the call after spotting a woman in a pink shirt was just 'sitting in the area with her head in her hands.'



Anonymous said...

I wonder if all of the other candidates wives will have their personal lives discussed.

Anonymous said...

2:29. Well Hiilary's spouse seems to be fair game for discussion!

Anonymous said...

229 their not suicidal.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I can not even fathom talking about this. We have all had our moments in lives that we needed help etc., and if you say you have not, you are a liar. I don't care for Cruz, but imo his wife and children are off limits.

Sad our media even brings this up.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 6:47

Anonymous said...

If I was married to him I'd be a whack job too.