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Monday, February 29, 2016



More than a year after ending his flirtation with a third presidential bid, 2012 “Republican” presidential nominee Mitt Romney is back in the news – bashing his party’s frontrunner for the 2016 presidential nomination.

After deciding last January “to give other leaders in the Party the opportunity to become our next nominee,” the fiscally liberal flip-flopper apparently doesn’t like the fact that billionaire businessman Donald Trump is running away with the GOP race.

So Romney – like the rest of the “Republican” establishment – is doing his best to torpedo Trump.

“We have good reason to believe that there’s a bombshell in Donald Trump’s taxes,” Romney told Fox News, a network which has done everything within its power to sink Trump’s candidacy – while simultaneously promoting the bid of the “Republican” establishment’s chosen candidate, Marco Rubio.



Anonymous said...

Romney missed his chance years ago and has missed it again. The republicans need to shape up or risk loosing people to independent.

Anonymous said...

I've come to believe the GOP cabal has no clue as to what is actually driving Trump's popularity. For Koch & company, the Republican establishment, to dredge up Romney in a frail death knell attempt to "torpedo" Trump shows just how out of touch these favor owing money people really are. They are scared folks, a Donald Trump presidency would set their American take-over agenda back decades, a century or perhaps even kill it.

Anonymous said...

it is really unbelievable how desperate the RINO establishment is. does Romney really think his release your taxes stunt will actually do anything. it will be really interesting to see what happens at the convention

Anonymous said...

Mitt dropped the ball big time last go round by not aggressively going after his opponent. He's not the answer. He should call Jeb up & they can go fishing.

Trump is riding a wave with broad generalizations, insults, and playing to the crowd.

Rubio is a tool.

Cruz has a track record that is strong, conservative and consistent, but the Trump wave is sucking a lot of the oxygen from the room.

No Thanks, Mitt.

Anonymous said...

The Christians rejected Romney years ago.
Get over it.

Thornton Crowe said...

Oh what the Establishment will do in order to retain their control over political candidates. They have been fighting hard for their seriously flawed boy, Marco. Nothing has worked - and Romney's interjection has only made Trump voters dig in even harder. One would think the GOPe would learn their lessons from the past months but as they continue their onslaught of nefarious actions and antics, the only thing it seems to do is drive Trump's numbers further and further up. Nationwide, now, 49% support from Republican voters as we watch the GOP implode, splinter and go beyond the point of any return.

Suggestion to all, read up on Gang of 8 and all the legislature (and salacious life) of Rubio and Cruz. You may find it stunningly provocative and against anything they preach on their happy trailing campaign jaunts.

Trump continues to forge and may overtake Cruz by tomorrow in Texas. Already ahead by over 20 points, Rubio is fighting for his political life in his home state of Florida. Additionally, March 4th, eligibility hearing are scheduled for both Cruz and Rubio regarding the constitutionality of their candidacies.

Things are heating up, kids. Keep your eyes peeled, read like a mad demon and don't listen or believe everything you see in the Cable news as they're pushing narratives not focused on voters' well-being.

The race has turned into a bloodbath - Romney is just a puppet in the show. Nobody cares about him! He lost should just move on.

Anonymous said...

First, I dont care what Romney (has been) says. Second, I don't want a man who has been married three times (says a lot about him) as president.

Anonymous said...

Trots out new weapon? They better find some better ammunition. If their boy Rubio can't win (that was somewhat consevative in the past before the gang of eight) what makes them think Obamacare-lite can win?

Anonymous said...

Put that worn out has been back to bed. I would rather have Christie!