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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Intelligence community wants Clinton's security clearance suspended

Security experts say that if Hillary Rodham Clinton retained her government security clearance when she left the State Department, as is normal practice, it should be suspended now that it is known her unprotected private email server contained top secret material.

“Standard procedure is that when there is evidence of a security breach, the clearance of the individual is suspended in many, but not all, cases,” said retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin, who was deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence in the George W. Bush administration. “This rises to the level of requiring a suspension.”



Anonymous said...

A majority of the citizens in this country want her thrown in jail - at least charged and convicted for crimes greater than those of General Petreaus!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who leaves a position, should expect to have their access to sensitive or proprietary information revoked, not just suspended. Why should she retain her clearance?

Anonymous said...

She still has a security clearance?! That should have been removed after the debrief when she "stepped down" as Secretary of State. There is no reason for her to have access or clearance to any of the Nation's sensitive data, or to the agencies that generate it, other than to promote her unsavory climb to power. She is no longer a player -- she's a poser.

Anonymous said...

9:53 AM:

You're right. Revoked, not suspended. We all rightly suspect that she uses this information to feather her own nest at the expense of the American people.

Anonymous said...

It's all lies at the White House. We have failed as voters and Americans. They won.