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Sunday, December 20, 2015

City Of Salisbury Special Meeting Agenda 12-21-15


Anonymous said...

So, Fire Palace #2 needs a "Budget Amendment".

Another 14 million mistake?

Anonymous said...

That $14 Million Dollar abortion on Cypress Street needs a new HVAC unit already? WTH is going on with that leadership over there? And then to lie in your cover letter saying it would damage the equipment if not fixed? WTH are you talking about you fat slob. Maybe it would do you some good to sweat it out for a while. Make your fat a$$ walk over to that million dollar gym and sweat off some of that excess poundage.

That building is practically brand new and those HVAC units should last a good 20 years. I am in total disbelief! Piss poor management is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

I really do hope they get rid of Rick Hoppes and John Tull, 2 worthless POS's. They are not well liked by many of the men of the fire department.

Anonymous said...

Send him to the Fat Farm 1:17AM and to get the record straight neither one of those two live in the city limits. Isn't that the new policy on department heads?