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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Gov’t Reportedly Ordered Church to Remove Pro-Life Signs Within 10 Days or Face a Potential Fine

A conservative legal firm is claiming victory after government officials reportedly dropped their demand that a Virginia church remove two pro-life signs that were being displayed on its property.

The Rutherford Institute, the legal firm that represented Valley Church of Christ in Harrisonburg, Virginia, said in a press release that zoning officials recently levied criminal charges against the house of worship over the signs.

Church leaders received an April 20 letter informing them that someone had complained about the signs, which the city initially claimed were displayed in violation of an ordinance governing banners.



Anonymous said...

I love this picture. A baby still in the womb. Yes, that's a baby.

As for the rest of the article. Religious freedom trumps all and anyone disagreeing with that is a Commie.

lmclain said...

I'm telling you --- your "leaders" (that INCLUDES "your guy", too....sorry) have EVISCERATED the Bill of Rights to the point that the document is now merely a footnote in history.
Done by the very people elected to UPHOLD the Constitution!
They are LAUGHING at your stupidity. Why? Because very little of what they've done has been "behind the scenes".
You cheered the evaporation of your privacy and civil rights because YOU weren't "doing anything wrong".
You NEVER imagined, in your wildest sheep dreams that "not doing anything wrong" didn't mean ANYTHING to them.
I hope you survive the "re-education camp".