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Thursday, May 21, 2015

George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams and the media’s sinking reputation

By failing to disclose his donations to the Clinton Foundation, George Stephanopoulos has damaged his credibility and tarnished his network.

But you know something? He’s got plenty of company.

What an awful couple of years it’s been for the news business, even by our already-tattered standards.

While ABC’s chief anchor has landed himself in a heap of trouble, this comes at a time when NBC’s chief anchor, Brian Williams, is serving a six-month suspension for fabricating an Iraq war tale and possibly embellishing other reporting exploits. And it comes weeks after Rolling Stone had to retract its horrifyingly irresponsible tale of a gang rape at the University of Virginia.



Anonymous said...

Didn't everyone know George was a coke snorting progressive commie in the Clinton regime? He hung condoms on the White House Christmas trees... "Democrats" are just really trashy people. No one seems to care about the collusion and direct connection between the Obama regime and the media, let alone the Clintons.

Anonymous said...

lets not forget bill o,reilly s lies he told in killing kennedy,he doesn,t get a pass on this because he works for fox news.

Anonymous said...

The media is all about them, I personally am sick of hearing about David Letterman retiring. Enough!

Anonymous said...

10:24 how can you compare author discretion in a BOOK with communist news anchors and government propaganda?