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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Pesky pranks
1. Spray nozzle or taped faucets- this one's kind of sentimental for me... THIS is the VERY PRANK that fueled my fire and love for this holiday! The first April we were married, my husband took a rubber band and wound it tightly around the kitchen sink's spray nozzle and left it aimed at where my face would be. When I turned on the water, it DRENCHED me! Haha! Of course he knew that meant war!!! Twelve years later, we're still going strong!

2. Fingernail polish spill- take a piece of wax paper and a bottle of fingernail polish that you don't mind ruining. Spill out contents onto paper, let dry, peel paper off, and leave on victim's clothing or an important document. You may want to do this one a week in advance. It takes quite a while for the polish to dry. I'd recommend using quick-dry nail polish and a hairdryer. If your "spill" doesn't peel off the wax paper very well, just cut around it as close to the edges as possible.



Anonymous said...

Gotta try the chicken bouilloin cube in the shower head...

Anonymous said...

Today I'm going on the US population website that gives the real time population increases and decreases (as they occur).It will be interesting to see if there is a decrease in population by midnight.That way I'll know how those who had those brilliant pranks pulled on them reacted.

Anonymous said...

Cover the open doorway of a bedroom with a stretched tight layer of Glad plastic wrap and ask someone to go in there for something.