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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Al Sharpton Gets Physical With Fox News Reporter

Fox News reporter Leland Vittert got into a heated — and eventually physical — confrontation with activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton, when the latter tried to keep him from questioning Democratic Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

(VIDEO: Democratic Congressman Walks Away From Live Fox News Interview)

We can’t ask questions?” Vittert challenged her. “You are a public official and we can’t ask questions?”

“You will have the opportunity,” Sharpton said.

“Then you’ll answer our questions?” he pressed.

“At the press conference, we will answer all questions,” Sharpton said. But as Vittert kept tailing them, a second man stepped between the reporter and the mayor and began pushing him away.



Anonymous said...

Pandoras box has been opened.

Steve's Leavin's said...

There's no need to wait, Freddie was killed by police, Admit, fire, and get on with life.

Too bad some dumb ass overzealous cop made an arrest on eye contact and running, neither of which are illegal, and wound up killing a person. Now he's dead, and the knee on the neck needs reconsideration, although some times it's necessary.

But eye contact? Really? Really? Running because he knew what was coming as a result of eye contact?

There are police officers that need to be fired this week, and new mandates in place this week!

Or, you can deal with more rioting... they have nothing to lose by doing that.

Gawd, can anybody get the grip here?

Anonymous said...

That's because Vittert & the Mayors staff & everyone else knows Sharpton's motives were for more controversy & not truly about peace which is his guise. History has shown his true intentions are only about controversy & more racial tensions.

Anonymous said...

One word: Tawana

Anonymous said...

three words: POS

Anonymous said...

For what Sharpton did to innocent men's lives and reputations in the Tawana Bradley case, he should have had to pay a lot more.