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Friday, April 03, 2015

A Year After Speed Camera “Reform”, Bounty System Contracts Alive and Well

A year after state lawmakers and other snake oil salesmen told the public that legislation passed in 2014 “ended the bounty system”, most local speed camera programs have yet to make any changes to their contracts to end the practice of paying contractors based on ticket volume.

The Maryland Drivers Alliance took a poll of nine local governments to see whether their contractors were paid a cut of each ticket a year ago, and whether there has been any change. Not one of the agencies we asked responded that their payment terms had changed.



Anonymous said...

The politicians lied to us again!

Just like the nuke deal with the rags - we have to put in a verification process......first time something is found out of spec - everything's voided!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what percentage goes to campaign contributions to lawmakers

lmclain said...

It is NOT about "safety". If it was, they would do more than just take your money.
Don't think so? Then consider this --- you can get 10 tickets a month for year after year.
Any punishment for endangering all these lives (its for the children, dammit!!)???
Its ALL about the money. And your "representatives" KNOW it, but throw you to the wolves of private enterprise (their cousin owns the camera company, or their brother's wife does).
They left out one thing on the list.
How much of a bribe did these slimy worms sell us out for?
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the obligatory knee-jerk doofus to chime in with ''just don't speed.'' My pre-emptive reply is ''quit being a state apologist.''

Anonymous said...

If I was younger I know what I would do to those freaking speed cameras, and it would not be spray painting them.

Anonymous said...

I just got one yesterday ,driving on east college ave .

Anonymous said...

WE have gotten two well PAST Wi-Hi. I wish someone would jump the curb and take them out.

You know, trying to avoid hitting a dog or something.

Anonymous said...

take these tickets to court---there is a 70 percent chance it will get dismissed.