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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Are You Listening?


Anonymous said...

Damned if I love him, he should have never been elected the first time, let alone the second time, and needs to be impeached. He just cannot get gone soon enough for me.

Anonymous said...

This president and his appointees have demonstrated the fallacy of Affirmative Action with astonishing clarity.

This man had no executive experience and no legislative record. He hid his credentials and background.

The liberal-leaning public elected him for what they thought he stood for...then reelected him after telling each other that all of his opponents are racists!

His cabinet appointees have been underachievers with nothing more of a credential than the fact they supported his elections!

IRS(Lerner) - Scandal!
DOJ(Holder) - Scandal!
HHS(Sebelius) - Scandal!
DOL((Recess Appointees) - Scandal!
State Dept(Clinton) - Scandal!
DOE(Solar Companys) - Scandal!

At least Nixon was trying to do good for the country!

Anonymous said...

Nixon was not impeached. He resigned. However, Bill Clinton does have the distinction of being impeached (convicted) for lying to Congress by the House of Representatives. But the Senate voted not to remove him from the office for the crime of lying to Congress. Does anyone really wonder why Hilliary thinks the Clintons are above the law?

Right now, with a Republican led Congress (both houses), Congress has the power to actually remove Obama from the presidency. Now there's something to think about....

But, then there's Biden...

Anonymous said...

Nixon wouldn't have left office if Hillary hadn't lied and played with false evidence for which she was later fired for.