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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Huge L.A. blaze being investigated as a criminal fire

The huge L.A. fire that engulfed an apartment tower over an area the size of a city block is being treated as a criminal fire.

Although blazes "of this magnitude" are always treated as criminal fires, "it's very rare for the entire building to be engulfed at once," Capt. Jaime Moore told the Los Angeles Times.

"There may have been some foul play."

Arson investigators are going to examine the building and financial records. Dogs trained to sniff out accelerants were also at the scene.

Flames could be seen for miles from the fire that broke out in the DaVinci apartment complex about 1:20 a.m. The fire closed freeways and roads, burst windows of nearby buildings and melted freeway signs.

"It looked like a bomb had just exploded," said L.A. fire Capt. Rick Godinez.



Anonymous said...

Those were my very first thoughts. Too big, too fast and right on top of the Ferguson City burn down.

Anonymous said...

California's government has been try to burn the state down for decades... this person is much more efficient.

Anonymous said...

This sure sounds like a natural gas or propane fire,but there was no mention of it in the link.