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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Ten Voting Machines Taken Out Of Service In Anne Arundel County

As voters across the state report voting machine irregularities this Election Day, ten machines have been taken out of service in Anne Arundel County.

A handful of voters who contacted The Capital Tuesday said their votes were flipped from Republican candidates to Democrats. Another voter said his vote on a ballot question was switched.

Donna Duncan, Maryland Board of Elections assistant deputy for election policy, said 34 reports of faulty voting machines had been filed statewide by early afternoon. Twenty-five machines were taken out of service across the state, including the 10 in Anne Arundel County. A breakdown of precincts in the county wasn't available, but at least one was taken offline at Annapolis High School after voting irregularities were reported Tuesday morning. - 



Anonymous said...

Yes, you can complain, and the person on the other end will listen to your complaint, then hang up.

If this happens at the polls, the person to complain to is the chief judge, and the time to complain is BEFORE you send your ballot!

Anonymous said...

Obamy said he wanted to make this country more like a third world nation, well this election is sure sounding like third world politics!

Anonymous said...

4:59-we already have a leader from a third-world nation...trying to make this place like home!

Anonymous said...

10 in AA county? Isn't that something. Hogan's home turf. AA can be a swing county but not so much this time around since it's Hogan's home. Erhlich got Balto county (his home turf) and that put him over the edge to win.

Anonymous said...

What about those votes that already got recorded incorrectly?the whole damn election needs to be done over on paper bollots and the people rosponsible for those machines need to be in prison.

Anonymous said...

I imagine this same thing happened at the last election, but nobody mentioned it thinking it was just a one-time fluke. NOW we know it was planned.

Anonymous said...

730, I totally agree. The electronic voting machines have been totally found corrupt and there is no way that this election could be called as valid.

The whole election needs to be redone with paper ballots, absentee or otherwise.

This election as running, is a total farce nationwide.

Anonymous said...

Were this to happen in a Third World country, the media would be all over it like white on rice and our gov't would be issuing sanctions right and left.