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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ghost Tours In Downtown Salisbury

Friday night a group of us decided to hang out at Roadie Joe's on the Downtown Plaza. First let me say, we had a blast! However, we couldn't help but notice throughout the entire evening, not one person was riding the Trolley. Not once did it stop in front of this establishment to drop someone off or pick someone up. 

Now, I am NOT trying to knock this idea and quite frankly I can assure you that Roadie Joe's was absolutely packed. I am starting to wonder however just how well the City is marketing the Trolley from SU to Downtown. The pictures do not lie and several of us witnessed this all night. 

For me personally, this is what happens when you have a non business person running the City. As long as they can get grant/taxpayer money, they couldn't care less if it works or not. 

I would love to see this work as I feel is would create an incredible boost for businesses Downtown. Before to City loses out on this concept, what do YOU think can be done to make this work?


Anonymous said...

See the trolly quite often over at the bus terminal on Walston Switch. Nowhere near SU or the Plaza.

Anonymous said...

SU students don't have any desire to be downtown. The students that CAN afford to go out already have their spots, and they aren't downtown.

I think the buying power of SU students is grossly overestimated. They aren't all rich kids that's for sure. I used to be one of the normal kids that hardly ever spent money in town outside of Food Lion and Cheers and the Princeton Homes (lol).

Figure out what SU kids think is missing downtown and you'll get them on the trolley.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like borrowing a huge amount of money at almost zero interest to open a convenience store or a motel.The owners could care less if they have any customers.

Anonymous said...

Okay business man... what ideas do you have to market it?

Anonymous said...

Put free beer on that bus and they will ride it.

JoeAlbero said...

12:35, Not man enough to use your name again, figures. Do tell me what you are so afraid of?

I'd start with putting an ad in the school newspaper by the City. I'd strongly suggest ALL of the bars and restaurants do the same. After all, they are getting a free limo service to and from.

If you have a student id, run specials with a coupon handed out by the driver, first beer is 50 cents.

Shall I go on?

Anonymous said...

Why only students?
Its partly my money, why can't I ride it?

Anonymous said...

Sell advertising on it,free beer etc. it will load up then.

Anonymous said...

It's not about a free ride, who wants to go downtown? Salisbury is not a nice place to be during the day, let alone at night. The kids don't feel the local police will protect them. The Mayor takes the laws side for everything that happens whether it's right or wrong. So if a kid has any issues with the local thugs, who's going to protect them?
It's pretty simple to figure out, Downtown is for the people who work there. To test this theory, most people would support a Cracker Barrel if it were to come to the north side. Open one up downtown and I would bet all your money Joe that it would not last a year. Only because no one wants to go downtown unless they have to.

Anonymous said...

You won't make money off college kids...Target young white professionals.

Anonymous said...

8:28 what above us young black professionals?