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Friday, August 22, 2014

City To Reassess Placement Of Performer

Following a business complaint, the city may be looking to relocate – but not eliminate – any number of Boardwalk street performers, including the now-infamous pole dancer.

City Council requested this week that the Ocean City Police Department look into if, and how, the city is still able to enforce one of the few legal controls it still has left over street performers – the right to prevent the obstruction of public ways, and to guarantee reasonable access to private property.

Attorney Joe Moore asked the council for action on behalf of his clients, who own the Mug and Mallet restaurant in the Plim Plaza, immediately to the south of the Second Street location where the Pole Doll – the nom-de-guerre of dancer Chelsea Plymale – typically sets up.



Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion - the nearest DUMPSTER - that is normally where TRASH is placed!

JoeAlbero said...

So they took my advice, good.

Anonymous said...

Hire a couple of thugs to steal the street performer's money and don't solve the crime.