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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Maryland State Police Press Release
(MECHANICSVILLE, MD) – A large pit bull was wounded after it attacked a Maryland State Trooper responding to an unconscious person this morning, in St. Mary’s County. 

Just after 9:00 a.m. today, a trooper from the Leonardtown Barrack responded to the 47000 block of King Drive, Mechanicsville, Md., for the report of a person not breathing at the residence. When the trooper arrived a non-responsive male was lying in the back door of the house. As the trooper entered the residence, a large pit bull began to charge. As the dog attempted to bite, the trooper struck the animal with her baton. The dog retreated outside of the residence. The trooper was unable to close the door because of the position of the unconscious subject. 

Moments later, the pit bull attack a second time grabbing the baton, pulling it from the trooper’s hand. The dog dropped the baton and lunged at the trooper biting her on the right foot. In fear for her safety, the trooper fired her State Police issued .40 caliber pistol, wounding the dog and ending the threat. The dog fled the scene. 

Maryland State Police investigators responded to the scene and are conducting an investigation. They interviewed multiple residents in the area who were familiar with the dog. Witnesses revealed this pit bull has bitten others in the past.

St. Mary’s County Animal Control also responded to the scene. They are currently search the area for the wounded dog. The investigation is continuing. 

CONTACT: Sgt. Marc Black – 410-653-4236 or through the HQ duty officer at 410-653-4200


Bush'man said...

Pit Bulls are dangerous. Period!

Bush'man said...

Unlike supposedly inherent dangerous guns which have countless laws surrounding them, and need someone to pull the trigger, a Pit Bull has free reign to inflict injury and or death at its own discretion, while the soulful owners cry about the injustice of laws that should be passed to outlaw them.

Anonymous said...

Hold on a minute. O'Malley will pass a law that says you can own a certain breed of dog as long as it has just so many teeth.

Anonymous said...

Any dog might do such actions to try to protect his Master when he's/ she's down. It's a natural instinct in all dogs; they are pack animals. A Chihuahua would do it. Yes, a Pit can inflict more damage than a dachshund, but will still act to protect.

I hope the best for the pit bull, that it gets found and properly taken care of. In light of previous bites, this may well spell the last bite, but knowledge should decide that.

Anonymous said...

We are going to soon be hearing more and more areas pass breed specific legislation aimed toward pit bull breeds and mixes. This because of lawsuits.
This year has seen some shelters put out of business because of lawsuits and a dramatic increase in governments sued because they are adopting out dogs which they can not say for certain are safe. The lawsuits almost exclusively involve pit bull breeds and mixes.