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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Offshore Windmills An Eyesore? Well, Maybe

As the reality of an offshore wind farm in Ocean City draws nearer, some question whether the change off the coast will alter their beach views.

The answer is a resounding “sometimes,” said Andrew Gohn, senior clean energy program manager for the Maryland Energy Administration.

The closest turbines will spin about 11.5 miles from the shore, with the farthest sitting nearly 30 miles from the city’s coastline, Gohn said.

“While turbines might be visible on a clear day at this distance, on most days they will be obscured by haze,” he said.



Anonymous said...

Bet all of the cabling, transformers and safety cut outs necessary will be highly visible

Anonymous said...

The wind is free, but the electricity is expensive. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Offshore wind costs 5 times as much as we are paying now.
While James Mathias is earning brownie points, we are being forced into the poor house.

Anonymous said...

This nonsense will never work. Budget overruns and constant breakdowns.
Huge amount of government (taxpayer) grants will make a very few very rich though.