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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Michelle Obama Uses a Racial Slur… Liberals Don’t Bat an Eye

Most of the rhetoric involving race that flows from the mouths of liberals is nonsensical, and typically, down right hypocritical.

Take for example the left’s recent war efforts on the Washington Redskins football team. A campaign, led by despised Nevada Sen. Harry Reid has attempted to force the Redskins to change their name, claiming it was an offensive racial slur.

The Redskins refused, so Reid and his government thugs turned to mob tactics by having the team’s trademark rejected. The government has also rallied liberals from all over to lead a cultural smear campaign to shame the team and it’s fans.


Anonymous said...

The "Redskins" has been a hot topic of the DC papers going back 50 years, Joe. Why? It's racist. It'll change eventually, probably quicker than the crap team that Danny Boy fields every season.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything these days that isn't "racist"?

deathwish139 said...

The logo was designed by an American Indian - Approved by their council and they were honored to have the name used in Washington. Typical idiot liberals who refuse to learn history and simply limp wristedly attack anything to create a wussified Country.