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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Joe Biden Threatens To Kill Reporters If They Write Negative Article About Him

Sheriff Joe is off the reservation

(UK Daily Mail) Vice President Joe Biden threatened reporters Saturday with a water gun.

Biden pulled the water pistol on members of the press during the annual media picnic at his official residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

‘Anybody who writes a bad story about me is dead,’ he said while holding the gun. ‘I just want you to know that, get this straight, we’re not gonna kid around about this.’

Just look at this gun wielding maniac!



Anonymous said...

He can do this, as kids pointing their fingers at elementary classmates saying, "Bang, bang" or chewing their Pop Tarts into vague pistol shapes are walloped out of school and sent to the gas chamber with parents pulled from their jobs to try to intercept the insanity.

Real nice.

He should have been tackled by his Secret Squirrel Agents, wrestled to the ground, and shackled, beaten, and dragged to the booking bench!

Anonymous said...

HaHa! The Naval observatory...
I'm sure he wonders why their looking at belly buttons...
He should be under observation at Walter Reed psycho unit!
The man is a buffoon!

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden has demonstrated that he is a baboon when it comes to representing the conservatives in DE. Beau hasn't done much better. We wish to purges the liberal efforts to damage our quality of life any more. The whole family needs to return to their hometown in PA and leave us be.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else would get an out of school suspension. He gets a laugh cause he is a joke.

Anonymous said...

The typical liberal double standard. He can use a toy gun where a kid in school cannot point a finger or mention the word.

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone else notice the cute girl on the right? In a short skirt with nice legs and she looks like she is practicing for a porno video.