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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Politico Poll: Election Disaster Looms Over Democrats

A devastating new Politico poll released on Monday shows likely voters in key 2014 midterm election races favor a Republican candidate over a Democrat by seven points. Driving Democrats' electoral descent is the unpopularity of President Barack Obama and his signature legislative achievement, Obamacare.

"Among these critical voters, Obama's job approval rating is a perilous 40 percent, and nearly half say they favor outright repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Sixty percent say they believe the debate over the law is not over, compared with 39 percent who echo the president's position and say the ACA debate has effectively concluded," reports Politico's Alexander Burns.

The poll found that Obamacare overwhelmingly remains the issue driving voters. Nine out of ten individuals surveyed said Obamacare is an important factor determining their vote, and 49% said the health law would be "very important." By comparison, those who said immigration and salary differences among genders were "very important" polled at 28% and 16% respectively.



Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me. If only those same democrats had listened to all the town hall meetings that were going on. People from both parties in all walks of life did not want this bill passed.

Now that we have it and the consequences are oppressive there is simply no other way than to vote them out.

Unless they steal the election and that can happen.

Anonymous said...

Never overestimate the intelligence of the American public.They're stupid enough to make this a close election.

Anonymous said...

12:41 - and the republicans will make it worse by splitting the vote between the moderate right and the far right....and we'll end up with what's left!

Anonymous said...

2:23 Which is exactly why I believe a revolution is coming. I don't know what form it will take but I honestly believe at some point FREEDOM loving HARD WORKING Americans will revolt.

Things simply cannot go on this way.

Anonymous said...

It's right around the corner 3:14. Get ready for a hard ride.