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Friday, May 23, 2014

Democratic Party has ‘disintegrated’ under Obama

And about Congress: 'I wonder how many of them know much about' Constitution

The Washington Post called him an “expert on the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court, student rights and education,” and he was a longtime Village Voice writer and icon for progressives.

But he no longer looks to Democrats to represent his view because of what has happened to the Democratic Party under President Obama.

Nat Hentoff told WND Wednesday he’s been a longtime supporter of Democrats, but occasionally has endorsed a Republican, as he did in his column at WND on Tuesday. He said America needs a president like Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Hentoff said that when he reviews candidates, he looks for an affinity for the Constitution.

“I used to be a Democrat. But under Mr. Obama that party has rather disintegrated,” he told WND. “I’m more likely to vote for who I believe supports the Constitution.”



Anonymous said...

They may be disintegrated under Obama, but you will still have many idiots like Chuck Cook who worship him and would jump in the sack with him in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party.. we can only hope. Unfortunately the Country has disintegrated under King Barry.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you are correct 10:27, the whole country has gone downhill. The dems are like lemmings following Obama off the cliff. O'Malley, Cardin, and Milkulski are the first in line to jump.

Anonymous said...

Not true.
The Democratic party has been taken over by the Communists under a rebrand named "progressives" or liberal socialists when they are anything but!
With few exceptions their platform is based in Marxism.
Chuck Cook is so uneducated he doesn't even know he's promoting state communism.

Anonymous said...

10:27 AM I was going to say that Chuckie Poo would turn gay for Obama, but I already think he is gay. Best friend is the criminal mayor who got caught frolicking with a gay prostitute on a beach in Delaware. His love for Obama and his love for same sex marriage. This all proves to me that the man is a homosexual.

Anonymous said...

Ga'head. Break my hart!