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Friday, April 11, 2014

HURT: Once just a race hustler, now a snitching race hustler

Are there no heroes left in America anymore?

President Obama turns out to be an incompetent fraud who has never actually read the U.S. Constitution. Edward Snowden tucked tail and fled to Siberia. Washington Nationals star Ryan Zimmerman can no longer be relied upon to scoop up a crazy bouncer just inside third base line, pirouette and throw like a laser into first baseman Adam LaRoche’s mitt.

And now, we learn, the Rev. Al Sharpton has been working for The Man all along.

No matter how much he insists that he was just one fat cat keeping tabs on all the rats around him, truth is Mr. Sharpton was a low-down, double-crossing lying snitch from the start.

In a truly epic report released this week by, the great pompadoured race pimp, elocutionist and shake-down artist was exposed as a paid FBI informer going back decades. Based upon federal affidavits, transcripts and other documents, TSG outlined Mr. Sharpton’s extensive career as a stool pigeon turning evidence on some of the most notorious mobsters operating in New York at the time.

“In those documents, investigators vouched for him as a reliable, productive, and accurate source of information about underworld figures,” TSG wrote in its meticulously reported and well-written account.



Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton reliable, productive and accurate? Al is a turd in the punch bowl.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say there are few people in this world I would sanitize, but Mr. Sharpton is one. He has professed to be a man of God. Why do so many support this turd.

lmclain said...

Snitches get stitches, then lined up in ditches.
He's not p[laying with some pencil-necked geek in reading glasses on MSNBC.
Those guys are going to reach out and touch him. They never forget.

Anonymous said...

Sharpton has NEVER been a man of God. he chose to call himself this so he could get a 501c3 status, people would contribute and he pays no taxes. no accountability and spends this money as he pleases.

simple as that.

Anonymous said...

A SNITCH? No, not reverend Al.