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Saturday, March 15, 2014


The counter-jihad website Creeping Sharia reported Monday that “according to a Facebook post, Somali staffers that work at Minneapolis City Hall declared February 28 ‘Hijab Day’ at City Hall and convinced the police chief and female city council reps to wear hijabs on the job.”

The idea originated with female Muslim City Hall employees, who then cajoled non-Muslim women into participating in Hijab Day as well. One enthusiastic participant was a Muslim woman named Ilhan Omar, who is on the staff of Minneapolis City Council Member Andrew Johnson. Omar recently instigated a brawl at a Democratic caucus meeting in Cedar-Riverside, leading to several injuries and the cancellation of the meeting.

Pictures depicted Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau and several female City Council members, all smiling and wearing hijabs. Why? Is there wear a kippah day? A Sikh turban day? A Christ on the cross day? A Wiccan witch day? What’s next? Slaughter a live animal and let it bleed out for lunch day? Inshallah!



Anonymous said...

PC is BS!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until the screenshot of the gay police chief in an hijab hits the nets in the Middle East. They'll prolly take out another embassy and ambassador. If not, Teh Won and SOS Lurch will use it as an excuse for some other foreign policy catastrophe.

Anonymous said...

WTF Give me a break, public employees being that stupid should be fired.How in the hell do the people in that city put up with that kind of crap?

Anonymous said...

think they'll have wear a yarmulke or yamaka day? how about wear a cross day? or maybe dress like a queen for a day, and I don't mean the queen of England either!

Anonymous said...

Liberals always coddle Muslims. Truth is if Muslims had their way completely, the liberals would be the first infidels to be killed for Allah. Liberals are useful idiots.