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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Multimillion-Dollar “China City” Proposed In New York

U.S. immigration officials are considering a proposal from Chinese investors to create a multibillion-dollar development in New York’s Catskills called “China City” — raising concerns among critics about the potential cost to U.S. taxpayers and, according to one analyst, the possibility it could be a “stalking horse” for the Beijing government.

A spokesman from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services told that the proposal for Thompson, N.Y., has not been approved but is under consideration.

The mysterious proposed development appears to be a step beyond the types of ethnic enclaves scattered throughout U.S. cities, like the Chinatown sections of New York City or San Francisco. The 600-acre “China City of America” is located far outside New York City in upstate New York’s wetlands and is a meticulously planned project, calling for family housing, a college and student residences, among other structures. In addition to needing federal approval, it would likely need a host of state and local permits before ground could be broken.



Anonymous said...

They own enough of our debt that they can probably 'bribe' a sufficient number of our officials as to be able to allow this to happen!

We need to be active in preventing this. They don't allow foreigners to own land in their country - they should be held to the same standard here.....

Anonymous said...

Just say NO!

Anonymous said...

Build some good ole government welfare housing high rise right in the middle. They will leave.

Anonymous said...

Advertise free Chinese food for all Bama-Fone scum. They will leave.