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Thursday, November 07, 2013

New Delmarva Public Radio GM makes quick changes

LEWES SALISBURY — In 2012, a Delmarva Public Radio consultant announced stations WSCL and WSDL were doomed to lose money and could no longer continue.

Just a year later the stations are set to move to new studios and new owner Salisbury University will invest in new, state of the art equipment.

The station’s new general manager Dana Whitehair, 55, is confidently optimistic about the future of the stations.

“I didn’t come here to fail. We’re looking at the long-term health of Delmarva Public Radio,” he told a small group of Lewes Friends of Delmarva Public Radio who met in October at Lewes Public Library.

He said moving from a situation a year ago when DPR appeared doomed, to now preparing to install new broadcast equipment is a significant turnaround.



Anonymous said...

What happened to Mike Dumb?

Anonymous said...

Could not cut it in public domain, so I'll go under the SU banner and be subsidized by others. You tuition dollars at work parents. And of course the agenda can now also be controlled.

Anonymous said...

With the public radio stations in OC and Princess Anne that are much better, we don't need these Su stations and their exorbitant cost.

Anonymous said...

Is the lottery ot tuition bumps paying for this additional burden?? Or once again on the taxpayers back? ....liberal i.e public radios needs to go..its obvious that joe citizen wont fund libtarded MD PICKS UP THE TAB NOW...

Anonymous said...

Now we can all hear Liberal BS spewn in a much clearer tone.

Isn't that nice and expensive.

Anonymous said...

Nobody listens to that Liberal crap

Anonymous said...

"Nobody listens to that Liberal crap"

Huh...since when is Beethoven liberal crap? Seriously? Here I though Conservatism was about preserving the best of European Civilization...turns out its just about being a small minded jerk.