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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Obama Says He Didn't Direct Change In Marine Uniforms

The Marine Corps is not changing male dress uniforms. It says the president in no way, shape or form directed the Marine Corps to change its uniform cover. The service is looking for a new uniform for female Marines because the old manufacturer went out of business. The Corps released a statement after photos of male Marines in what some consider a more feminine white cap made the rounds on the Internet. The Corps says that photo came from a survey. The cap in question is called a "Dan Daly."


Anonymous said...

...he doesn't do anything and he knows nothing ...big surprise

Anonymous said...

Such a liar!

Anonymous said...

Like everything else with obama, omalley, ireton, and every other demoncrat ever... if it's positive, they put their name all over. If it's negative... they have no clue, and play dumb.

They take ZERO responsibility for what goes on under their nose.

Anonymous said...

What does he know? ... Nothing!

When did he know it? ... Never!

When did he find out? ... Watching TV, just like you.

If his lips are moving, or those of his marionette spokesboy, what are your conclusions about veracity?


Anonymous said...

I think he tested the waters like he's been doing with everything else. The water there was too hot.

Anonymous said...

His lips are moving again....hence, he is lying again!