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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Officer: 'I punched him in the face and I will do it again'

A mob of nine black people attack two off-duty cops visiting Green Bay. Downtown. At night. Happened last month.
Green Bay cops show up. No one is arrested. The off-duty cops – from Minneapolis – do not like that. They accuse Green Bay cops of running a “clown show.”
“I’m not trying to be an a****** here,” said the Minneapolis cop in a dashboard cam video. “But we get jumped by nine f****** black guys and we’re the problem? We’re two small white guys and you got a crowd of black guys up there.”

The Minneapolis cops did something that apparently is just not done in Green Bay. They fought back. The mob was “doing their monkey thing,” said one of the cops. “We’re police officers. I punched him in the face and I will do it again.”

The Minneapolis cop used a racial slur. It is not known whether that was before or after they called Green Bay police a “clown show.”



Anonymous said...

where is the reverend al and jesse now

how about it guys. i guess it was the cops fault

Anonymous said...

12:57 They will spin it, focus on the words the officers used (after being attacked) and profit.

They should have shot 1st, asked questions later.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real mans world. Just hope it makes you open your eye's to how you cops treat others.

Anonymous said...

7:48 you sound like a punk that doesn't respect the uniform. Check yourself!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
7:48 you sound like a punk that doesn't respect the uniform. Check yourself!!!!

August 9, 2013 at 8:48 PM

I really don't fully understand what you are trying to say. When the person inside said uniform tarnishes, soils, cheapens the uniform to the present state of many uniforms in various states, the uniform loses whatever respect it had left while being worn by someone who is not deserving to wear it.

You are to enforce the various laws in your area uniformly and fairly. And that also means you are subject to the very same laws yourselves.

Too many times and much too frequently many of you tend to forget or ignore that. Do not fool yourselves into believing that civilians have not taken notice and are keeping count.

Each of you WILL be held accountable for your actions, especially your illegal actions.

And if you are lucky, you will be held accountable in a court of law and not some alleyway or ambushed somewhere.

Myself and others have been warning you rouges for months to clean up your acts and police amongst yourselves. It seems those words fell on deaf ears.

Everyday we read story after story of how cops break the laws, kill people's dogs and other pets, kill the very owners of said pets, with impunity.

Don't think these owners have forgotten what happened to their Fido's and who did it to their loved animals.

More and more people are seeing the truth. Cops are not here for our protection. They protect corporations. They protect politicians. They protect bankers. They protect money and property.

The general public is just a cash cow to them. They keep harassing the public to give the illusion they are doing a job. They keep the public looking left while the right hand is taking their money and rights away.

The American People are not as stupid as you would want to believe. Some of us do remember history. And it is being replayed right in front of us, like out of a playbook.

Right now, things are not too bad. People protest, peacefully, write letters, emails, sue in open court, doing everything the proper and legal way.

I, like most of you cops, do not believe they will succeed in any great way. They may have a victory here and there, but the real prizes will not be given to them, by their present strategy.

But being good citizens, they will play their hand all the way to the end. And when they get to that end, and see what little they have actually accomplished, how some things may have changed but remain the same, THEN, the American People will be sufficiently pissed and focused.

Woe to the ones who will have to face this new breed of american patriots. As a little bit of our history will be played out again on our own soil.

I not only hope I am around to see this epic event take place, I also hope I will be able to partake in it with my fellow Americans and Patriots.

That will be the necessary first step in bringing this country back in line where it is supposed to be.

I hope I will be strong enough and brave enough to take part of this new re-founding of the United States of America.

So when my kids and grandkids ask me how this country got to be in the shape it is and what did I do to correct it, I will be able to look them in the eye and say, "I tried."

That would truly be "for the kids", and I won't need any speed camera to do it.

Anonymous said...

can someone explain to me just what the monkey thing is? lol!

Anonymous said...

1:09 Someone needs to get out of the basement.

Anonymous said...

August 10, 2013 at 1:09 AM

WOW!! You really do hate cops. Just because one cop pissed in your corn flakes you label them all and hate them. You are worse than a racist or a bigot. I bet your punk ass will abuse 911 if the cops don't get their fast enough to save you from the black mobs.

Anonymous said...

White America needs to take this country back from the liberals. The white man is quickly being annihilated by black mobs, muslims and liberals.

Jack K Richards said...

I wore a uniform for many yeats and i think the officers should have knocked the crap out of them.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately 1:09 is right, the cops are not here to protect you/us. they are here to protect society i.e. the government corporations, banks etc from you. the sooner you realize this the better you can start formulating what you need to do to better protect yourself and your love ones. Only a fool would rely on them for help!

Anonymous said...

Time for the white man to get some justice.

Anonymous said...

OMG WOW freakin clueless. Cops protect banks and corporations??? Hardly and cant be farther from the truth. I guess arresting domestic violence suspect is protecting a corporation? I guess handling your noise complaint is protecting a bank? I guess dealing with your traffic accident, neighbor dispute, suicidal person in protecting a corporation? I guess you've never actually spoken to a police officer before except when got pulled over.

Anonymous said...

7:33 the alarm just went off It's time to wake up. Every day you read how banks are screwing people out of money, every day you see your own goverment breaking into same laws you must obay and No one ever is held responsible .

Anonymous said...