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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shooting in Ocean City

At approximately 2:30am this morning in the area of 19th Street and Philadelphia Ave in Ocean City a fight broke out between a group of males. Multiple shots were fired. One subject taken to PRMC for treatment. Shooter is in custody after jumping into the bay. Ocean City fire department dive team on scene on Marlin Drive searching for weapons.


Anonymous said...

If you compared the crime issues in OC this year to those of last year,this year seems worse.I haven't seen a comparison done where stats are compared,but it seems worse.All of us can understand why people with hectic lives elsewhere go to OC to unwind,but the criminal element is entirely different.OC used to be the greatest place ever to take the kids on a Saturday night.

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Anonymous said...
So I see there was a shooting last night in the "family resort." It was bound to happen. Anyone sitting back and watching how chaotic the place has become in recent years and how this was ignored by those intent on perpetuating the faux "family resort" image could see it coming.
A new police chief is taking over. The mayor and council need to let Chief Buzzaro (not sure of spelling) do his job. Former chief was instrumental in OC becoming what is it today by being what appeared to be a "yes" person inclined only to help the powers that be maintain the faux family resort image.
For years everything we heard coming from the PD explained away everything as being an "isolated incident." Problem was, these "isolated incidences" were happening on a weekly , if not more, basis.
People haven't been able to walk the boardwalk for years now and feel completely save with the large groups of unsavory looking, vulgarity spewing, jerks roaming up there.

June 29, 2013 at 8:03 AM

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the new gun laws have nipped this in the bud?

Ahhh democratic logic-

Every time I think of democrats the little ditty sung by the scarecrow- "If I Only Had A Brain"- from The Wizard of Oz goes through my head.

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Anonymous said...

Dr Jenning's son is the one who got shot. Tanner.

Anonymous said...

Where's the drones when you really need them. Program them to look for ass hanging out low life thugs.