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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TSA Decides To Keep Ban Of Small Knives On Planes In Place For Now

After a few weeks of backlash against the idea from the airline industry, flight attendants and air marshals, the Transportation Security Administration has decided to delay lifting the ban against small knives aboard airline flights. A few weeks ago the TSA said passengers would be allowed to carry knives that met certain descriptions, as well as some sporting equipment.

The TSA announced its change in tune yesterday, saying it was delaying the policy change so that the airline industry, passenger advocates and law-enforcement experts could weigh in on what should be allowed on planes.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from a convention in Las Vegas, recived loads of free give-aways, and one was a box knife, it went right thru in my carry on bag, no problem. I forgot it was even in there, TSA, never even seen it! The blade is 6 inches long!

Anonymous said...

I put my pockect knife in the little bowl about a year ago, just plain forgot, it went through no problems. Just recently I committed the crime of putting my computer case on top of my computer. It was pulled out of the X-ray machine and just left on top until I asked what they were doing and then I had to go back through line and put the computer in one tray and the case in another. Don't you feel safer now.

Anonymous said...

Weapons should be in the checked luggage, it has no business in carry on luggage. I carry multiple knives on a daily basis and feel they should stay banned.

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago I got on an El Al flight to Israel and the stewardess asked if we had anything dangerous in our pockets. I checked mine and noticed I forgot to put my pocket knife in the checked bag. I showed her the knife. She said that was cute and keep it in my pocket. She was wearing a sidearm as well as all the flight crew. I thought about it and it made sense, who cares if you bring a knife to a gun fight?

Anonymous said...

If everyone on the plane were to carry, no one would dare stand up and announce a hijacking. Think about that.