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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Md. Groups Want To Overturn Gun Control Law

Gun control opponents gear up for a fight at the polls. A petition drive called Free State Petition may soon be up and running.

But, as political reporter Pat Warren reports, even some of the staunchest Second Amendment advocates think the petition is ill-advised.

Gun groups brought thousands of gun rights advocates to Annapolis to fight the governor’s gun bill in the General Assembly, but they will use lawyers to fight it in court.

“This bill is clearly unconstitutional. It goes against our rights,” Delegate Neil Parrott said.

Gun groups have decided it is better to go to court than to the polls, because of Second Amendment constitutional guarantees.



Anonymous said...

i dont think a recall will work, too many libs in the baltimore area

best chance is in the courts

Anonymous said...

petition would be a dumb thing to do in a blue state. The court house is the best chance we have and the NRA is already waiting in the wings for Oct 1 to file suit. I would recommend these yahoos take a back seat .

Anonymous said...

Never happen, the law is here to stay.

Anonymous said...

Would never get a fair trial by any judge in this state.

Bullard Construction said...

The lawsuit is the best choice and embodies the NRA.After all, The 2nd Amendment is not up for repeal or debate or any type of vote, and needs to stay that way, but is the law without question. So are the rest of the Amendments and, amazingly, the Constitution is as well! Didn't see that coming? Well, Gee, folks, get used to it.
Join the lawsuit and fund it.