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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Officers and seat belts: A dilemma in Prince George's County

Two Prince George's County police officers died in car accidents in the past two months - and neither officer was wearing a seat belt.

Mark McGaw, Prince George's police chief, says officers in Maryland have to follow state law, which mandates that they wear a seat belt.

"The general order is very clear," McGaw says.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Maybe paying the price for writing all those seatbelt violations that are nothing but theft?

Anonymous said...

officers have obey state laws? seatbelts cell phones and speeding that's just the start of how criminal they are. and yes I said criminal as petty as it is it's still illegal to act the way they do. even they think they are above the law. it's about time the police enforce laws upon other officers

Anonymous said...

They are above the law, so they need not comply. Hence, death.

Simple math.

And 80 mph is okay, too!

lmclain said...

I wonder how many citizens would be KILLED by the police if citizens pulled cops over for violating the law? "Officer, I'm going to cite you for 80 in a 55 (Reckless Driving, Agressive driving) and not wearing a seat belt)". Cop --- "put you hands behind your back!!" and then, the cops shoots the citizen because he moved and made the sissy cop "afraid for his life". PERFECTLY plausible scenario, ESPECIALLY in PG County. Where I used to live.