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Friday, August 03, 2012

Maryland's Economy On Wrong Track

Comptroller Peter Franchot argues the state needs to find a way to build businesses not casinos.

For anyone who remains unconvinced that the Maryland economy has lost momentum and is now moving in the wrong direction, the latest unemployment figures released by the U.S. Labor Department should remove all doubt.

The State of Maryland lost 11,000 jobs in June – the third highest total in the nation, trailing only Wisconsin and Tennessee. This was our fourth consecutive month of job losses, and it elevated our state’s unemployment rate to 6.9 percent.

Disappointing as those numbers are, they don’t tell the full story. Maryland also ranked 48th in Fiscal Year 2012 in both average private hourly and weekly earnings growth, and has actually experienced year-over-year declines in both categories. This means that far too many people are bringing home smaller paychecks at a time when the costs of daily living expenses are on the rise.



Anonymous said...

Franchot certainly is the maverick of Maryland Democrats. The party and clubs do nothing to support him. The few times I catch what he has to say he does make sense. If he runs for governor, I'll pay attention.

Anonymous said...

This can't be true! According to Governor O'Malley he has created all kinds of new jobs for Maryland residents...And I know that he and Obama speak the truth...