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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poll Shows Romney With Commanding Lead Over Obama Among Veterans

Mitt Romney has a commanding lead over President Obama among U.S. military veterans, according to a new poll released on Memorial Day.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee led the incumbent president 58-34 percent among U.S. veterans polled by Gallup over the past two months. The polling firm noted in its latest report that veterans, which make up 13 percent of the adult population, are mostly older men -- who have tended to support Romney in this race.

Both Obama and Romney were paying tribute Monday to America's veterans, with Obama attending ceremonies in Washington and Romney speaking at a veterans event in San Diego. The candidates are closely eyeing the veteran vote, with swing states like Florida and Virginia all veteran strongholds.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Veteran and I did not, and will not vote for Barry Sotero (NObama).

Anonymous said...

Same poll the last time said the same thing about McCain.

Makes you wonder how important the polls really are.

Anonymous said...

Smart vets will vote for Romney.

See ya "lazy class" said...

SEE YA OBAMA and take your voters back to Kenya with ya!

Anonymous said...

"SMART" vets will vote for Romney, hell, i think the DUMB ones will too, but I'll bet my life savings that all the "DEAD" ones'll vote for obama

Anonymous said...

Now if the Electoral College will butt out this election might bode well for Romney.It sure did'nt for Gore.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 11:38am

So are we to ignore the Constitution now?