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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Speed Cameras - Wicomico Gone Crazy!!!!


Room 301, Government Office Building, Salisbury, Maryland


March 20, 2012 10:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m. Joe Holloway, President

Call meeting to order

Opening Prayer

10:03 a.m. Approval of Minutes from March 6, 2012

10:05 a.m. Matthew Creamer: Council Administrator:

1. Resolution 36-2012-To establish a school zones(s) for the purpose of speed enforcement, Glen Avenue Elementary

2. Resolution 37-2012-To establish a school zone(s) for the purpose of speed enforcement, Parkside High School

3. Resolution 38-2012-To establish a school zone(s) for the purpose of speed enforcement, Pemberton Elementary

4. Resolution 39-2012-To establish a school zone(s) for the purpose of speed enforcement, Salisbury Christian

5. Resolution 40-2012-To establish a school zone(s) for the purpose of speed enforcement, Salisbury Middle School

6. Resolution 41-2012-To establish a school zone for the purpose of speed enforcement, The Salisbury School

7. Resolution 42-2012-To establish a school zone(s) for the purpose of speed enforcement, West Salisbury Elementary

8. Resolution 43-2012-To establish a school zone(s) for the purpose of speed enforcement, Willards Elementary School Resolution

9. Resolution 44-2012-Authorizng the use of automated speed enforcement systems within school zones established by the Maryland State Highway Administration, Mardela Middle and High School

10. Resolution 45-2012-Authorizing the use of automated speed enforcement systems within school zones established by the Maryland State Highway Administration, Northwestern Elementary School

11. Resolution 46-2012-Authorizing the use of automated speed enforcement systems within school zones established by the Maryland State Highway Administration, Pittsville Elementary and Middle School

12. Resolution 47-2012-Authorizing the use of automated speed enforcement systems within school zones established by the Maryland State Highway Administration, Westside Primary School

13. Resolution 48-2012-Approving the Capital Program for Wicomico County for Fiscal Years 2013 through 2017

14. Resolution 49-2012-Approving the viewers report submitted by the Board of Watershed Viewers for the Texas Road Public Watershed Association and the proposed work plan maps

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Anonymous said...

They need to put arrow lights at Mill St,Vine St,and Main St first!

Anonymous said...

Looks like house keeping to me. If you are going to use the devices, (not all at once like the City) You have to define the School Zones. My question is how are members of the County Council qualified as traffic engineers to determine where the school zones should be? Who have they consulted to make that determinatiion? It shouldn't be political, it should be where there is a reasonable likelihood of pedestrian traffic, not just an arbitrary 500 feet from the school. The council will backpedal on this just like they do on everything else when politics gets involved. It is not in their power to do things because they just make sense.

Anonymous said...

This is an outrage.

Anonymous said...

How dare our leaders take away our right to speed in school zones!

Anonymous said...

When the drones are looking into you house and tracking your every move, remember your misguided support of these cameras. It is not about safety, it is about raising money, just call it what it is. When was the last time there was a pedestrian accident at a school in the counyt?

Anonymous said...

10:17am School Zones are already identified by the State. Isn't that what it says for each resolution. Oh, maybe you didn't read that part since you were in such a hurry to bash the council.

Anonymous said...

this isn't about speeders, it's the next step in monitoring your movements, look at all the cameras above the intesections in salisbury. ever walked around dc or baltimor? cameras on every building watching everyone and everything. In the UK they have scanners on the street that scan you for weapons as you walk by. this has everything to do with money and big brother. There's a whole lot more of this type of technology coming our way! Wake up fools! think I'm crazy?
then google "CIA wants to spy on you through your TV: Agency director says it will 'transform' surveillance"

Anonymous said...

Look at this for what it is. A new source of revenue. It has never been more apparent that a government of the, by the people, and for the people has become a government at the people, over the people, and on the backs of the people. I agree that no on has the right to break the law but when the government sets out to capitalize and substantially fund itself by betting that the citizens will violate the law, this is a problem. It is essentially taxing people for behavior the government forbids. Insanity. Look at the stepped up enforcement on commercial vehicles.

What happens to the "programs" being funded by these speed cams when the people begin complying? It's exactly like the Maryland childrens healthcare program being funded by the special tax on cigarettes. When people stop smoking - as is a stated goal of the tax - what will happen to the healthcare program? They will either have to discontinue a program to which the people will have become dependent upon (austerity?) or a new tax will be implement to assure it's continuation. This is the same situation....only on a county level. And there is supposed to be some notable difference between the liberal dems and the alleged conservative repubs? WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

Looks as though we the citizens might have to start cleaning the chambers all over again.

Why won't our elected officials get the message? Local government cannot extract 400 citations a day per camera at $40 a pop (400 X 40 = $16,000) from a poverty stricken community and have economic growth. The equation doesn't stack up.

I suggest you contact your elected representative ASAP and let them know this is insane.

Anonymous said...

The government has taken this concept way to far. They have lost their marbles!

Anonymous said...

Dumb a-- place to install them! When school is in session you can barely get through those areas let alone speed through them. The better place to install a speed camera is in my front yard! They could issue many speeding tickets in the first couple of days! We have begged the sheriff's office to set up in our driveway but it seems the Salisbury Bypass is far more important to them! One thing is for sure the cameras will free up the manpower so they can spend more time on the bypass!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the total price tag is on this? Purchasing and maintence cost can't be cheap.

Anonymous said...

They are not taking away your right to speed, they are just making you pay for the law you broke.

Anonymous said...

Again our elected officials are creating agendas against the will of the citizenry.

None of the elected will receive my vote in the next election if they vote for issues taking money out of our pockets in a time of economic downturn.

Anonymous said...

I hope you people get a government camera shoved where the sun dont shine!!!! This isnt about the kids....schools, its about money and this will open the door to cameras everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Mr Joe Holloway, you are my rep.....I will follow up with a call Monday......I insist respectable you vote NO on these cameras....or any other cameras of government intrusion!

Anonymous said...

The sixth amendment to the Constitution requires you "to be confronted with the witness against you"

How can a camera be cross examined in court?

Speeding cases are kicked when the cop fails to appear.

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget the movie blockbuster movie Terminator.
Remember when the machines took over control of society and it was referred to as SKY-NET.

Well Wicomico is about to turn all of it's sovereignty over to a bunch of machines.

So Terminator wasn't so bizarre an episode afterall was it?

Anonymous said...

take my privacy please control every thought too, don't let us all be individuals.

Anonymous said...

Gravy train, everyone wants a piece of the action!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know for a fact, but I seriously doubt Wicomico County is buying any of the equipment. The usual procedure is to contract with an out of state company that provides and maintains the equipment. In return the company gets 75% of the revenue and the local county gets 25%. For a $40 ticket, Wicomico would get $10 and the company would get $30.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it the county is making all these areas applicable for the use of a roving speed camera vehicle like Fruitland uses. So not more than one will be used at a time. Only school hours and week days.

The money (smaller percent that the county gets back from the company) can only be used for public safety budget (MD law). The equipment is completely provided by the private company, so no cost to the county, set or maintenance.

The "cameras" above the intersections in Salisbury are not cameras, they are the new style infrared trips that let the light know you are there. Saves a ton on installing the old style ground trips.

I do agree it's about the money. I hope they use it wisely.

Anonymous said...

This town is looking crapier each and every passing day.

I just wish they would leave the ordinary taxpaying citizens alone.

Anonymous said...

Break out the black spray paint and hit the lens's.

Anonymous said...

More BIG Brother. Give me all your morey now. I will tax you till you have nothing then I will make laws to take whatever else you have I will take your land I will take your freedom I will take it every thing till you are my slave.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a good idea. Dont speed and it will not take money out of your pocket.
I WILL vote for our sitting council especially if they pass this idea.

Tidewaterbound said...

This is definitely going to be a money maker no matter how you look at it.

Phil Berryhill said...

For all you whining people about speed cameras monitoring your movements, this is an outrage and all this crap. SHUT UP!!! My daughter got hit by a car in a school zone. People speed by my house "in a school zone" doing 30 plus miles an hour. I have calculated them doing 40 plus. And one night a car went by my house in excess of 60. While it might be making the city money, I have no problem with this if it makes you speeding idiots slow down and consider our kids. if I get caught by a speed camera, that was my stupidity and I pay the ticket. Get over yourself and realize speed limits are for a reason, it's called safety. The speed limit through a residential section IS 25, not whatever you want it to be. If you speed and get caught, I will laugh at you. I think the cameras should be run 24/7. One sits in my yard, I have no problem with it being there.

Daddio said...

Does anyone have the exact wording available of each of these resolutions?

I remember there was something here recently on this blog about it, and the council tabled it. In that piece I believe the wording of the resolutions was disclosed: Something about reducing accidents, injuries, etc.

So the question comes to mind:

Where are the statistics showing all the accidents/injuries/deaths, etc. that justify these resolutions?

If there have not been any accidents/injuries/deaths, etc. then is the premise for the resolutions null and void?

Can anyone testify at the council public hearing taking them to task on this issue?

Anonymous said...

11:15. Maybe you should pay attention. The state gives a definition of a school zone, but this council indicated that they wanted to establish their own. I hardly think they are qualified.

Anonymous said...

11:15, you are an idiot. The only ones they are using the state definition for are those schools on state roads. The schools on county roads are going to be set by our grand council. Maybe you were too busy getting pumped to bash me. Lol

Anonymous said...

To 1:29 Posting

They already have all of my money(income tax), have taken all of my land (property taxed), and now they are taking my car (speeding cameras).

There really isn't much fun left in life except to start lynching the bas. . ards.

Anonymous said...

Easy to say don't speed, the limits keep changing depending on the time of day. Sooner or later, they will get you. Just call it what it is...another tax.

Anonymous said...

People who smoke and drink pay a tax, why not speeders?

Anonymous said...

3:45p & 3:50p,Wow, you both seem very angry. I'd hate to be around either of you right now.

Let me clear this up for you all.
Per the Maryland Annotated Code, school zones can only be established with a half-mile radius of a school.

With that said, not every road segment within a half-mile radius of a school should be a school zone. The State Highway Administration has defined & adopted parimaters.Except in unusual circumstances and as justified, etc., a school zone adjacent to a school should not exceed 500 feet approaching or beyond the school or the school activity.

I heard when the council was discussing this so I looked it up. It seems to me the council doesn't want it to be a half-mile radius and is leaning more towards the 500 feet.

Unless you two have anything else to add, I hope this clears it up for both of you.

Anonymous said...

Big Brother is always watching isn't he?

Anonymous said...

6:50, so......the council is going to set their own school zones. Just like I stated at the beginning. You are not telling me anything I don't know. Believe me, I have been paying attention to this from the beginning and the only roads that the county is going with the SHA definition are state roads, unlike you suggested on an earlier comment. My question is what makes the council qualified to decide what a school zone should be? (back to my original question before you went nuts) 500 feet is an arbitrary number that Stevie threw out in a council meeting. Why not just make it simple and allow the State Definition across the board? Because that would make too much sense. You are telling me that there are no schools on county roads that meet the state definition of a school zone? BS. The council just likes to grandstand. That is what this is all about.

Anonymous said...

The money collected from the speed cameras will be used to fund the Sheriff's office new retirement, LEOPS, which they should have had 20 years ago. The Govt. always wins!

Anonymous said...

I will say only this. I may slow drivers down. It will def increase revenue. However it can not replace an officer who could detect other criminal activity during a stop.(drugs,dwi,dui,suspended lic, etc,etc).

Anonymous said...

This is nothing but "Policing for Profit" ... plain & simple. I fully intend to take my shopping business elsewhere other than Salisbury to other towns and states who don't employ the "ambush" traffic tactics.