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Friday, February 03, 2012

Wicomico County Sheriff's Office Press Releases 2-3-12

Incident: Possession of Marijuana
Date of Incident: 31 January 2012
Location: 2400 block of N. Salisbury Blvd., Salisbury, MD
Suspect: 1. Omari N. Lowery, 25, Bronx, NY
2. Tirra L. Benjamin, 19, Jackson, NC

Narrative: On 31 January 2012
at 2:58 AM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office stopped a vehicle for speeding on North Salisbury Boulevard. Upon approaching and contacting the occupants, the deputy detected an overwhelming odor of burnt marijuana. A subsequent search of the vehicle led to the discovery of a box wrapped in Christmas type wrapping with a card attached in the rear of the vehicle. Upon further inspection of the package, it was unwrapped and the deputy located glass
vials full of marijuana.

Both the driver Omari Lowery and his passenger Tirra Benjamin were placed under arrest and transported to the Central Booking Unit where they were processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After their initial appearances, the Commissioner detained both Lowery and Benjamin in the Detention Center on bonds of $5,000.00 and $3,500.00 respectively.

Charges: Possession of Marijuana
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Incident: Possession of CDS
Date of Incident: 2 February 2012
Location: Lillian Street Hebron, MD
Suspect: Matthew K. Griffith, 26, Hebron, MD

Narrative: On 2 February 2012
a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on a bicycle for a traffic violation. During the ensuing investigation, the deputy located a smoking device containing suspected marijuana residue, as well as a container of suspected marihuana in the pants pockets of the suspect, Matthew Griffith. Griffith was placed under arrest, after a brief struggle.

The deputy transported Griffith to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner placed a bond of $3,000 on Griffith.

Charges: Possession of Marijuana
Possession of CDS Paraphernalia
Resisting arrest


tmills said...

Seriously? A traffic stop on a bicycle?

Anonymous said...

sure am glad i was teen in the 70's

Anonymous said...

WTF Just two weeks ago the authorities knew when and where a murder was going to happen and did nothing to stop it until the after man was shot and killed. The BGF's put a "hit" out on Mr. Fagan and the cops let it happen. If you don't have the balls to go where the real crimes are being committed then turn in your badge. Stopping a bicycle for a traffic violation...."Barney" is alive and protecting Wicomcio Co just like it was Mayberry!

Anonymous said...

The Cops knew where and when a homicide was going to happen????? Wow, I knew the Cops were on top of the game around here but WOW...

Anonymous said...

Here is something that I do not understand and hope that someone can educate me on it: Wicomico Sheriffs pulled over a vehicle operated by a Sheldon Maurice Johnson of Salisbury and found that he not only was driving on a suspended license, but he also had two warrants for Failing to Appear on TWO MORE charges of DRIVING WHILE SUSPENDED! But here's the kicker, when taken in front of the Commissioner, THEY REALEASED HIM ON HIS OWN RECOGNIZANCE!!! He neglected to show up for 2 other cases, and got caught driving while suspended again and they still let him walk!! Am I the only one that thinks something is very wrong here??? Please let me know.