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Monday, January 02, 2012

Today's Survey Question 1-2-12

Do you forward chain letters, as instructed?


Anonymous said...

No, and I don't do surveys, either.

Anonymous said...

No Dont know how to forward. Computer illeterate and dont know how to spell. My son just showed me the things I need to know and I dont use other keys. He dont know I know how to find things on google and SEE everything and he doesnt know I know how to see SBYNews and know whats happening.:)

Anonymous said...

No hate them and advise all I know I do not do them. It is nice to receive e-mails etc that are just person to person it's like the old phone calls where you talked to one person, friendlier. The only things I forward to more than one person is shared church members when someone is sick and would appreciate a call, e-mail or visit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only to the people that send them to me

Tim Chaney said...

I won't even open a forwarded e-mail. Most of the time they are just bad jokes I've seen before or garbage.

If it's funny enough or important enough the sender should copy and paste it on a freah e-mail without the attachments.

The best way to spread a computer virus too.