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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How the left created white-identity politics

'It's no longer about teaching kids so they can succeed … it's all about teaching victimhood'

White-identity politics is on the rise in America, and the left is using the boogeyman of “racism’ to justify its extreme agenda.

But the left should not be surprised whites are beginning to operate by the same rules of identity politics progressives encourage for everyone else. After all, on American college campuses, identity politics has long since driven out any serious discussion of principles.

Scott Greer, author of “No Campus For White Men,” explained how the radical left has created its own ideological doppelganger in a recent interview on “Louder With Crowder” with talk host Steven Crowder.

“The premise is very simple – it’s that victimhood culture and identity politics have totally taken over higher education,” said Greer of his book. “It’s no longer about teaching kids so they can succeed in our traditional American life. It’s all about teaching victimhood, who can be the biggest victim and how to use your racial or gender or sexual identity to gain more privileges and power on a college campus. … [The book] describes how it’s happened [and] the philosophy behind it.”

“Some would say very timely,” joked Crowder, alluding to the left’s escalating campaign to tear down monuments to Confederates, Christians or anyone else they deem problematic.

Greer said the rise of the so-called alt right and white-identity politics is not surprising, given how the left has demonized white students purely because of the color of their skin.



Anonymous said...

White people are the only oppressed people in the country today just turn on the news or go on a college campus you are under constant attack.

Anonymous said...

Demon-crat LEFT (Hillary Mafia)