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Monday, July 03, 2017

Study: Solar panels a looming toxic ‘crisis’

Industry creating Everest-sized mountains of 'carcinogenc,' 'teratogenic' waste

The solar-energy industry has been touted for years as the environmentally safe alternative. After all, solar panels merely absorb the sun’s energy and transfer it to consumers. No oily pipelines, no obstructions to the nation’s waterways.

But it appears all is not well for fans of the industry.

Discarded solar panels, piling up around the world, are detrimental to the environment, according to a new study by Environmental Progress.

And carcinogenic.

And teratogenic.

While environmentalist have warned for decades of the hazard of nuclear power, solar panels produce 300 times more toxic waste per unity of energy than nuclear power plants, warns Berkeley, California-based EP.

Discarded solar panels not only contain lead, but chromium and cadmium – both of which are ca



Anonymous said...

The Great Bay Solar project in Somerset County cover 1.5 square miles but has a decommissioning bond of ZERO!

Anonymous said...

Somerset County Commissioners relatives and friends are making money off them, so it's ok.

Anonymous said...

You can argue all you want about how long these panels will last but the bottom line is they will wear out and they should have a plan to replace them. The solar panel company I talked to about putting them on my house had very little to say about what they would do when the panels wore out, assuming they will still be around down the road. I opted not to let them put a bunch of holes in my roof so they can get all they tax credits. I think nuclear and natural gas are the best options right now.

Anonymous said...

If solar and wind were viable, they wouldn't need subsidies

Anonymous said...

Brought to us by the same wizards of smart who thought up burning corn for gasoline!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Ok. So you advocate fossil fuels and nuclear. Nuclear creates waste that is radioactive and toxic for thousands of years. Fossil fuels, after burnt, also emit/release the heavy medals you describe. But dont let facts stand in the way of a good narrative.. (likely won't get posted)

Anonymous said...

Nuclear energy?

What the Snap are you smoking?
It is inherently dangerous and the radiation lasts for centuries.
Please do a little bit of reading about Nuclear Energy.

Anonymous said...

Solar and wind are non-sources in that they contribute nothing or very little to the energy supply and never will. Oil, gas, coal and nuclear supply essentially all of our energy and are safe including nuclear.

By the way, I have done a lot more reading on the subject than you.

Anonymous said...

Apparently they also create a great heal of heat, killing many birds who fly over these panels. I still like the idea as a way of making resources like oil and coal last longer. Let them all contribute to the grid. Wind, Solar, and wave energy.

Anonymous said...

Spent Plutonium is radioactive for 24000 years. Next!

Anonymous said...

Do you are expert because you can read? Lol

Anonymous said...

A person with a brain. Amen! Thank you 559