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Monday, November 07, 2016

Egypt warning Hillary victory will ‘arouse’ Muslim Brotherhood

'Beware, beware,' columnist says terrorism will be exported 'to many kingdoms'

Officially, the government in Egypt says it has nothing to do with the coming election of an American president.

But statements published in Egyptian media indicate significant support for GOP candidate Donald Trump, because of the likelihood the Muslim Brotherhood will increase in influence if Hillary Clinton is elected.

Wrote Rania Hefny, a columnist in Al-Ahram: “The foreign policy of the candidate with the highest chance of winning the presidential election, Hillary Clinton, will be far more inflexible than Obama’s. She believes that the world’s problems will be solved more quickly if the U.S. is involved in the solution. [If she is elected,] Libya and Iraq are expected to return to square one. Clinton’s leadership of the American political arena will arouse the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and the statelet Qatar, as well as ISIS – in whose creation she participated – and the focus will be on exporting the conflict to many kingdoms such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Morocco. Beware, beware, beware.”

She continued: “You would do well to remember that Hillary Clinton supported the escalation of the war in Afghanistan and pushed for the ongoing U.S. military presence in Iraq. She helped plan the attack on Libya, and encouraged Obama to bomb Syria without obtaining the support of the [UN] Security Council. ”



Anonymous said...


Hillary's bosses love war. They profit from war. They benefit politically in all kinds of places, because of either war or the threat of war. They are bullies. They are bankers.

Steve said...

I think it's very telling that all the Mideast and European countries want a Trump victory.

It says a lot about their experiences with Hillary as SOS!

Anonymous said...

@5:42 Truth 🙌🏻