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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Denver officials say they are rewriting their guidelines for handling traffic offenses and citations because they appear to call for prosecutors to ignore evidence that suggests innocence.

The stunning statements were uncovered by Brian Maas, an investigative reporter for Denver’s CBS affiliate.

He cites a “Traffic Plea Offers 2013″ document that the Denver city attorney’s office confirmed” is authentic and still in use.

The document outlines what the city considers acceptable for plea bargains in traffic cases.

“If there is an offer on the citation, do not change that offer,” it explains. If there’s no offer on a ticket, “Bargain each charge on the ticket. Standard reduction is to reduce the points by half, but this can be increased or decreased depending on the circumstances (private or public location; if there’s an accident; amount of damage/injury; weather; bad driving record, etc.). Accident cases are bargained in the same way, but some charges such as speeding and no proof of insurance have separate guidelines, see charge guidelines below.”



Anonymous said...

This is a complete breakdown of the legal system!

Anonymous said...

Police have been militarized since the patriot act which isn't patriotic!
It's not just blacks who are being targeted, but everyone!
The days of your friendly neighborhood policing, are gone!
We are all the enemy, and they are only doing the governments bidding.