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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Obama's Budget Exploding With Eye-popping Tax Hikes

President Obama’s budget is short on specifics, fudges America’s current economic state and is long on higher spending and higher taxes to pay for his political agenda, a taxpayer advocate warns.

National Taxpayers Union Executive Vice President Pete Sepp said Republicans offered more fiscally responsible budget proposals than Obama in recent years, but their blueprints were also far from what America needs to deal effectively with huge annual deficits and a massive national debt.

On Tuesday, the White House released the president’s budget blueprint for fiscal year 2015. It carries a price tag of nearly $4 trillion, billions more in new spending and higher taxes on the wealthy to pay for it.

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Anonymous said...

I can do anything I want

Anonymous said...

Spending like there's no tomorrow. BECAUSE THERE ISN'T!