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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Obama Lawyer: Birth Certificate Irrelevant to Eligbility

An attorney representing Barack Obama has argued in court to prevent the long-form birth certificate image that was released by the White House nearly a year ago from being placed into evidence.

It was on April 10 at a three-hour eligibility hearing before a New Jersey administrative law judge that the argument came from Alexandra Hill.

She is legal counsel representing Obama’s re-election campaign, and argued then that New Jersey law does not require Obama to present a valid birth certificate to establish his qualifications under Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution to be on the New Jersey Democratic Party primary ballot.



Anonymous said...

If it is the law in New Jersey that birth certificates are not required to be on the ballot,and it is, then it is proper and legal for her to cite the law. If you do not like the law, then work to change it, but that is currently the law.

Anonymous said...

So it looks like if you have already been there you dont need to prove it the second time around LOL

Anonymous said...

While there may be an unconstitutional law in New Jersey and possibly other states, those laws do not need to be followed if they are unconstitutional, and the Constitution overrides those laws immediately. Any other state cannot put him on the ballot even so. He can't win if he only carries Jersey, either. Those folks need to find a real judge, like an election judge.

Anonymous said...

If Obama had a birth certificate wouldn't it be simpler if he would just produce it? According to NJ law I suppose a citizen from any country can run for president since they don't have to prove citizenship!

Anonymous said...

Re: "those laws do not need to be followed if they are unconstitutional..."

IF you are saying that there is a Constitutional requirement that candidates for president must post their birth certificates in every state regardless of whether or not the state law requires them to post a birth certificate, then guess what, ALL the Republican candidates for president have violated that requirement. And all the previous presidents and the candidates against them violated it also.

Since so many states and candidates and former presidents do not think and did not think that there was a requirement to show their birth certificates, the way to make sure that there is a requirement is to pass laws that require the birth certificate to be filed--by everybody, Democrats AND Republicans too.

Until then, there's no requirement.