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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Texas pastors have begun warning about a new ad campaign from the ACLU of Texas demanding that the state’s residents “pee with LGBT.”

The Texas Pastor Council previously told the National Football League – when it threatened a boycott because of the Texas Legislature’s bill to require men to use men’s restrooms – that if forced to choose, “Don’t let the ticket gate hit you on the way out of Texas.”

These are the same pastors who fought back in 2014 when Houston Mayor Annise Parker rammed through the city council a pro-transgender city ordinance. WND broke the story when Parker subpoenaed the sermons of several pastors, and the resulting outrage forced her to back down. Her city’s voters, after the state Supreme Court ordered the city to allow a vote, trashed her plan.

Now the pastors’ group president, Dave Welch, warns “the ‘real’ opposition against the bathroom bill, the Texas Privacy Act, is beginning to surface, and it’s not a pretty picture.”


Anonymous said...

let the aclu pee with whomever they like. leave the rest of us alone.

Anonymous said...

Amen, 11:39 PM

Anonymous said...

The ACLU is a terror org.

Anonymous said...

The ACLU should be defunded by Federal Government. They promote nothing but lawsuit abuse and clutter up the legal system with junk cases that are not even about civil rights. Far cry from their original purpose. Now they're just a nuisance.