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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top 36 Hillary F-bombs, flip-outs and eye-popping tantrums

'They f---ed us, Bill! We need to get rid of these assh---s'

In just three weeks, American voters might just “unleash Hellary” on the nation – electing a president known to fly into foul-mouthed fits of rage, hurl dangerous objects at people’s heads, physically attack a former president and even diabolically tongue-lash Secret Service agents sworn to protect her with their lives.

That’s according to dozens of witnesses – many former Secret Service agents, Arkansas state troopers and an FBI agent – who might say Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton is what Rush Limbaugh could call “a witch with a capital B.”

But don’t expect the mainstream media to start digging into Hillary’s reported temper tantrums any time soon. While the major networks focus single-mindedly on an 11-year-old video recording of GOP nominee Donald Trump making sexually charged comments about women, they virtually ignore claims by witnesses who say Hillary’s foul-mouthed fits of rage happen even today.

And those expletive-laced explosions are enough to make any right-minded American recoil in horror.


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Anonymous said...

I'm sure it won't happen but I would love to see her go off on the media and have it all recorded for the world to see.Maybe some SS agent can wear a wire and catch it all.