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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Poll: Nearly 50% of Democrats Believe Christians are More of a Threat to America than Muslims

Someone once told me that ignorance is curable through education; however, when it came to stupid, there was absolutely no hope whatsoever in correcting it. Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of ignorance and a pandemic of stupid in America today. It becomes very visible when looking at poll results. There has to be some rule written somewhere that states, "Individuals conducting political opinion surveys are required to find ignorant and stupid targets to interview." If they fail to meet the criteria of stupid or ignorant, a subsequent rule has to be in place stating, "If target does not supply pollster with stupid or ignorant response or appears to question the nature of the question as convoluted, discard those answers immediately and do not tally in number polled. Make up responses as necessary."

Why would anyone claim that citizens in America answering polls are either stupid or ignorant? Simple, look at the answers.

Clout Research, a national opinion research firm in Columbus, Ohio, conducted a poll on behalf of asking, "Which do you believe pose the greatest threat to America -- Muslims or Christians?" Clout Research does not claim to be independent. They do, however, on their website make the claim, "We connect you with the right people, give you actionable data with the right message so you can understand what has changed and connect with the timeless."

The results of the poll were interesting to say the least.



Anonymous said...

the truth be known, I think politicians are the real threat and especially democrats. Next, the people who continue to vote for them.

Anonymous said...

Poll - nearly 100% of Christians believe Liberals are the threat. Just too damn afraid to do anything for fear of being called racist.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe ANY so called poll. ALL BS!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is totally true. Christians are more able to recognize the evil of Satan than are Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Which goes to show that liberals don't have good sense.

Anonymous said...

sure but liberals control welfare and all of the freak flags

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the early history of our Govt and you will find some alarming FACTS on its beginning ,ALL ONE BIG THEFT OF THE PEOPLE'S CASH.It's all about the BANKING SYSTEM. ( money,money,money)