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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Cough and a fever? White suit for you

Fear of fatal Ebola sweeps U.S.

Ebola is creating a wave of terror across the United States even though the epidemic is some 9,000 miles away in western Africa and the two Americans who were infected and have been returned home were sealed in white hazmat suits as they were taken from a sealed ambulance to a sealed hospital room.

According to a report from National Public Radio on Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control has had 22 suspected cases of the deadly virus reported to the agency, although only four actually met the guidelines where testing would be advised.

The agency is suggesting that a person be identified as having “high-risk exposure,” which would be contact with blood or body fluids of “someone known to have or suspected of having Ebola,” and getting a high fever within 21 days, to be tested.

But the real number of tests done so far is far from certain. According to a report from Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars, there have been six such cases in New York City, where the results were not released publicly.

“There have been about a half a dozen patients who have had their blood tested because of concern, those particular patients their stories were not made public,” said CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta.


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Anonymous said...

what you aren't being told is that seal has to be broken at some point.