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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grandma Sarah's poster celebrates 'Kenyan Wonder-Boy'

Barack Obama’s step-grandmother in Kenya, Sarah Oyango Obama, has a 2005 poster calendar on the wall of her home that proclaims “The Kenyan Wonder-Boy in the U.S.: Senator Barrack Obama,” according to a British documentary film.

A clip of the documentary by Journeyman Pictures provides a close-up of the calendar, which was made when Obama was an Illinois state senator.

Mentions of the calendar on the Web date back to 2008, but the documentary film provides an exceptionally clear image of the wall poster.



Anonymous said...

Watch the movie 2016....

Anonymous said...

a kenyan??? wow, i thought he was born in hawaii !!!

golly gee. this really rocks my boat. you don't mean it. chrisy matthews, lawrence o'donnell, mika and all the others at MSPMS told us bo's birth certificate was authentic, so this just can't be correct. i'll not sleep the rest of the night...

guess i'd better go see 2016 and take the rest of my family.

Anonymous said...

Geez! Is this possible?
How did this slip by?
He is breaking the law. He must be an imposter. No.

He's Grand-moms real deal KENYAN WONDER BOY!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been told, by a family member, that 2016 is a film to watch. Guess hubby & I will need to find the money to check this out.