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Monday, March 19, 2012

Records: Path Was Open For Saddam To Get Nukes

Paid for missiles but North Koreans delayed delivery until war intervened

– In his final years in power, the late Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein reached out to North Korea for help to obtain missiles, according to several U.N, U.S. and International Atomic Energy Agency officials.

Had he not been stopped, those channels might have been used to obtain nuclear weapons from North Korea, the sources said.

Saddam had been negotiating the purchase of banned rockets and possibly technology that could have revived his dormant nuclear weapons program, the sources report.

The meetings between Saddam and the North Koreans were facilitated by the current government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who himself is fighting to remain in power.

“There were several meetings between the Iraqis and North Korea in Damascus from 2001-2003,” explained David Kay.



Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton said he had them.

Anonymous said...

Guess who was one of the few who said BUsh's case was full of crap and his war plan even worse?